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Walk and Knock
Volume 2, No. 2 | May 25, 2020

The Walk & Knocker

A quarterly newsletter for the Walk & Knock Family

Safe & Sound
First, I want to offer my hopes that you are all safe and sound in this challenging time. Our personal well-being and that of our families is paramount. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

Key Dates

Zoom board meeting – June 8, 6:30pm
Board meeting – Aug 10
Bag folding – Saturday, Nov 21
Bag dropping – Saturday, Nov 28
Drive Day – Saturday, Dec 5

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Along with nearly everything else, the coronavirus is affecting Walk & Knock. Our last two board meetings have been by Zoom. We’re fortunate that our drive is not until December. Hopefully, things will have loosened up by then.
  • The demand for food in our County is already way up. Just drive by the Food Bank on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and see the cars lined up in the middle lane almost north to 78th Street. Recession years always spike the need for food. Our work is cut out for us.
  • Second, we always lose some sponsors during recession years. Justin, our sponsorship coordinator, will be starting early and working hard to bring old sponsors back and engage new ones. He’ll need help, so if you have an in with a business, please tell them that the Nation’s Largest One-Day Community Food Drive needs them.
  • Third, who knows if we will face difficulty in recruiting volunteers for the Dec. 5 drive. Hope not, but have to keep an eye out.
  • Fourth, the Letter Carriers annual May food drive has been postponed. I’ve been in contact with the local liaison who promised to let me know when a decision is made to reschedule or cancel. We hope it doesn’t conflict with ours.
Yes, this will be a challenging year like no other. But it’s also an opportunity to collect record amounts of food to help our neighbors. Your ideas, support, suggestions and patience are all gratefully accepted.
What we are up to
Lots. I always joke that a one-day food drive takes 364 days to make happen.
To our new treasurer, Kim Darrah. Kim replaces Jennifer Small and brings a wealth of financial experience, most recently as Financial Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of SW Washington.
Social media
Dr. Dene Grigar, a longtime friend of W&K, is offering her WSUV digital media class to help with social media this year. They have 23 students who will put in a total of 2,300 hours! Ideas include catchy videos and other social media tools to educate people about W&K and remind them to get their bag out. This is an incredible gift and we can’t thank Dene enough.

Follow Walk & Knock on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The wider we spread our message, the more volunteers we get!
bank of americaGrants 
We are again requesting a $5,000 grant from Bank of America. This saw us through the unexpected loss of a couple sponsors last year. Also, thanks to Area Captain and new Board member Tim Kraft, we will be pursuing a grant from the Community Foundation of SW Washington. Keep your fingers crossed!
Tim, a not-yet-recovered engineer, has offered to update our area maps. This is something many of you have asked for. With the number of new subdivisions out there, much-needed as well. Tim is teaming up with Ross from the Food Bank to take on this project. More later, but huge thanks to Tim and Ross!
Thanks to Board Member Bill Lundin, our McDonald’s liaison, Mickey D’s has offered to “do more” for W&K. Great news as I’ve heard they have a few customers. We’re working out the details of what this means, but food barrels, signs, buttons for the servers are all possibilities. McDonalds already sponsors the thousands of door hangers we put out and provides our Drive Day coupons.
Board yet? 
Your W&K Board made several changes at its annual meeting May 11. We filled the vacant third vice president’s slot with Isabella Guetter, our crackerjack Social Media Coordinator. We also added a fifth Board of Director position to include the afore-mentioned Tim Kraft, who has already brought a lot of energy and creativity to W&K. Welcome a-Board!
We approved a budget of about $50,000 for the coming year. As with all living documents, the revenues and expenditures will change as we go along, especially in this challenging year. Download the Walk & Knock 2020–2021 proposed budget.
Personnel needs
This is a biggie. W&K doesn’t happen without good people – all of you for starters. Right now, we need two Area Captains in Sector C, central Vancouver, and a new Sector Coordinator in Sector F, Salmon Creek-Mt. Vista-Gaiser Middle School. Please don’t assume “someone else” will find these good people. I’m asking YOU to reach out to those you think are people-friendly and have good organizing skills. YOU know what it takes to be an AC or SC. YOU are the ones that can find the next YOUs!
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
I haven’t mentioned this before, but a few years ago I signed W&K up for Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program. Just like your personal rewards account, you can also designate a non-profit to receive points for your purchases without detracting from your personal account. Please sign up for W&K. We’ll receive some money from Fred’s at no cost to you. To sign up and see more information, visit https://www.fredmeyer.com/i/community/community-rewards
Clark County Food Bank
Please keep these good folks in your good thoughts. Alan and his crew are refocused on their core mission of getting food to those in need – and the need is big and growing each day. Any volunteer or financial help you can provide is greatly appreciated – clarkcountyfoodbank.org

Your Board

Newly elected officers are:

Tom Knappenberger, President
Adam Hegewald, VP, Operations
Janet Elliott, VP, Volunteers
Isabella Guetter, VP, Social Media
Kim Darrah, Treasurer
Kay Hust, Secretary
Justin Wood, Past President & Sponsorship Coordinator
Joe Pauletto, Board Member
James Fitzgerald, Board Member
Bill Lundin, Board Member
Jeff Fish, Board Member
Tim Kraft, Board Member

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Tom KappenbergerAll for now. Keep recruiting, keep talking us up and keep having fun!

Tom Knappenberger,
Walk & Knock President