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Volume 2, No. 1 | April 07, 2020

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food_bag_pickupHappy New Year!
And what a great year it was for Walk & Knock. Despite conditions that would have made Noah blush, we – you all – collected more than 276,220 pounds of food! And it’s still coming in as Title Sponsor Riverview Community Bank keeps its barrels out until Jan. 31st.

We also collected about $10,000 in cash donations, which will be presented to the Clark County Food Bank at its annual luncheon Jan. 28th.

Not only does 276,220 pounds of food represent by far the largest one-day community food drive in the United States of America, more importantly, it provides 230,183 meals valued at $477,861.

sorting_food“Year after year, this community steps up to care for its most vulnerable to make sure they get the food they need,” said Clark County Food Bank President Alan Hamilton. “I am so appreciative of what the Walk & Knock organization does to help and to serve for the good of us all.”
Although collections were down about 3% from last year’s 283,000 pounds, it’s still an awe-inspiring accomplishment urgently needed by food pantries throughout the County during these cold, winter months.

So it's okay
Brag to your relatives, friends and neighbors:  You helped once again support thousands of needy folks here in Clark County through (altogether now) “The Nation’s largest, one-day community food drive!”


packing_food_in_boxesFood barrels
Interestingly... “other” donations – food that comes in after the drive, mostly barrels –  was our largest “sector” this year with more than 38,000 pounds. And, as mentioned, that figure will grow. Placing and retrieving those 80-something barrels around the County is a lot of work – but it’s paying off. Thanks Sandy Conroy & Co.!

In other news
We had a well-attended de-briefing meeting Dec. 16 at Megabite Pizza, hosted by our good friends from the Food Bank (Thanks Alan!). We received lots of good comments and suggestions we’ll try to implement as we move forward.

Deep dive
To that end, your board plans to take a few deep dives into pools that are always calling to us. With a few sub-groups, we plan to dive deeper into key issues such as recruitment and bag distribution. More on this later. I’ve learned that January to June is our window for getting at some of these nagging larger issues. Summer is summer, and after Labor Day, it’s Drive City. That’s your Board: Toiling away year round.

Help us out
Follow Walk N Knock on FaceBook and share Isabella’s postings with your friends. Same for Instagram and Twitter. The wider we spread our message, the more volunteers we get!

2019 Summary

2019 food collection summary

Your Board

Officers this year are:

Tom Knappenberger, President
Adam Hegewald, First VP, Operations
Janet Elliott, Second VP, Volunteers
Jennifer Small, Treasurer
Kay Hust, Secretary
Justin Wood, Past President
Joe Pauletto, Board Member
James Fitzgerald, Board Member
Bill Lundin, Board Member
Jeff Fish, Board Member
Isabella Guetter, Social Media Coordinator

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Tom KappenbergerAll for now. Keep recruiting, keep talking us up and keep having fun!

Tom Knappenberger,
Walk & Knock President