History of Walk & Knock

How did it all begin? in 1982, Vancouver Lions Club members “Bud” Pasmore and Doug Rae got this crazy idea to do a great big food drive and gained the help of Hazel Dell and Orchards/Evergreen Lions Clubs.


The first couple of years were tough, but they got it done. At this time they did not have access to semi-trucks, forklifts, pallets or many volunteers, so the drive happen over the course of several days.


The food drive idea became officially known as Interservice Walk & Knock. The Columbian Newspaper got involved by arranging for the paper bag inserts that go into the newspaper, paid sponsors, marketing, and assigned a reporter to get the word out. The Inter-Service endeavor goal of $100,000 worth of food was set and reached. That equated to 42 tons of food.


The organization was officially incorporated as Interservice Walk & Knock of Clark County. The Port of Vancouver donates a warehouse to store the food in, Puget Sound Truck Line and Anderson Dairy donate semi-trucks.


The record of 155 tons was achieved.


Roughly 3,600 volunteers came out to help. The volunteers collected more than 20% more food from the previous year despite a 21% decrease of volunteers.


The Walk & Knock Food Drive has grown to include over 20 service clubs and organizations including: Lions, Rotary, Kiwans, Optimist, Clark County Amateur Radio Clubs of Clark County, and the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of America.

Walk & Knock celebrated its 25th year as Clark County's largest food drive. Over the course of the last 24-years the annual one-day food drive has grown to an average collection of 132 tons. The response of the community was amazing — there were 4,500 volunteers that collected over 162 tons of food and raised a record breaking $50,000.


We broke a record and almost 166 tons of food was collected in a community wide response to the need created by the recession.


Volunteers collected about 142 tons of food.


133 tons of food and $25,000 was collected in spite of the snowstorm.


Over $15,000 was raised in 2014, and over 133 tons of food was collected by 4,000 volunteers.


132 tons of food and $20,000 of cash was collected and donated to families in need through the Clark County Food Bank bringing the total for Walk & Knock over 28 years to about 7.8 million pounds.


Walk & Knock volunteers collected 252,000 pounds of food that was donated to families in need through the Clark Couonty Food bank.


Walk & Knock, the nation’s largest one-day community food drive, collected more than 286,000 pounds of food, a 13 percent increase over 2016. In addition, Walk & Knock expects to receive $15,000 in cash donations. All contributions are given to the Clark County Food Bank to help feed the needy in our community.


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